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Hankman26's News

Posted by Hankman26 - August 24th, 2021

Hello everyone! As the time I am making this I have 33 followers. Still not scouted though :| ( that stupid m-bot telling me what I can and can't do). Anyways I would like to say thank you to everyone that has followed me. Just 2 weeks ago I had 17 followers, now I am in the 30s. You all probably won't see this but either way I still want to say thank you. Also about M x Ng last week. I panicked and posted it early. School work had me busy that Wednesday and I thought that it was a thursday. I did not want to make the same mistake for The Alien Hominid one but I panicked and posted it on a wednesday. I will go back and make it better bc if you didn't notice, It was rushed. Anyways I hope one day I can be back in the art portal. If not, well then I will just have to be unscouted. <3



Posted by Hankman26 - August 23rd, 2021

Hello. You guys never seem to see my news so I made an art saying to look at it. Anyway I am going to do an art piece showing the history of what I have drawn (outside of ng and that I can remember) I was wondering if you guys would like me to also include a little piece of everything so you can really get a feel for it. I want you guys to vote down below if I should do that or not.



Posted by Hankman26 - August 15th, 2021

If tricky and Jebus have hair... Does that mean every other grunt is bald? This made me chang my perspective on madness combat. Also the results of the last poll was Edd! There were only 3 votes and I would like to get more next time I do one.



Posted by Hankman26 - August 13th, 2021

Ik I didn't post my m x ng thing yesterday... Don't worry it is still happening today. It will be Rocket Raccoon x Alien Hominid. The art I did post yesterday I made in class 2 days ago but forgot to post it. Anyways pls forgive me. You know how I said I can't do daily art bc of school, yesterday was one of those days where I couldn't make art bc of school. <3


Posted by Hankman26 - August 7th, 2021

Ok so I saw @Djgreenjes doing this so I decided to do it too!

Who is your favorite Eddsworld character? Comment down below ig!

I am actually interested in how this will go. I chose this topic bc my next art is gonna have something to do with Eddsworld. Buuuuuuuuuut I am getting my second dose of the vaccine tomorrow so I might not be able to post it this weekend. I will try to though.



Posted by Hankman26 - August 5th, 2021

IT IS STILL HAPPENING! And I'm gonna need all the help I can get. I want everyone to be on ng at at least once on September 19th so my madness day animation doesn't get blammed. *clears throat* that means @parra86rar @InvaderDaniel @0urcast @Azerka @BEANS645 @Gabriel1384 @hjgj @littewolf49 @MicroMint @TrueWolfully @ysporquix @Diamondmanpixel76 @georgeealien @Macrod @NoobyGotHit @starnerdunderthesea @Xeazzy0 and any new followers. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SAVE MY ANIMATION! But that's not the only animation that I need you guys to save. Me and @0urcast are working on an animation together, and that can't get blammed either. Although since I'm not the one posting it I can't say what day it is gonna come out. Also here is a sneak peak to my animation iu_378663_9337977.png Now that you have seen the sneak peak I ask those of you who are not followed to please follow me. I want to reach 20 followers 1 before September and 2 before @0urcast reaches that goal. <3



Posted by Hankman26 - August 2nd, 2021

Well, I am sure everyone knows about school coming up. It might have already started for you. What I'm trying to say Is I will not be doing daily art until when I am off of school. I am going to focus on 1 having higher quality art 2 focusing on school and 3 working on the collabs with @0urcast for madness day. Anyways I hope this doesn't make you consider unfollowing... I'm trying to reach 20 followers before September soooooo yeah. Follow @0urcast and me. <3

Posted by Hankman26 - July 21st, 2021

(Btw I'm leaving for my vacation tomorrow but I will be able to post the Marvel x Newgrounds drawing before I leave.) So you may have seen I snuck a little animation in on Monday called crocs. It got blammed but I kinda expected it. Anyways I want to say thanks to @Aslanemperor. Why? Though he gave me a low rating, he was the only person I saw who gave an honest rating and good feedback. Tbh he was right I did rush to make the animation and even I see whats wrong with it. I was just so eager to post my first frame by frame animation that I didn't care if it looked good or not. I suggest you check him out bc he has a really cool animation on his channel. Anyway You may or may not have seen that teaser I put out for madness day. It was going to be an animation of it's raining tacos but I chose to scrap that Idea. I will still be making a madness day animation and I will use frame by frame rather then the original plan of tweening. I will try to improve the crocs animation but there is no confirmation that I will even post it.

Posted by Hankman26 - July 16th, 2021


I might not be able to post at certain times today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alll of the sudden I'm getting the vaccine. My little brother hopefully will be able to post the new things. If not then I will post 2 at a time or something like that.



Posted by Hankman26 - July 10th, 2021

Before I start this off I would just like to say thanks to @Beans645 for scouting me. Ok lets begin. As you may know I try to do daily art. Next, Short madness animation to come out on August 24th. Next, I am making a series called marvel x newgrounds where I post a new drawing every thursday. Finally, Madness day animation to come out on September 19th. Maybe. Heres a sneak peak:iu_354351_9337977.webpIt is still in the beginning stages so there is no backdrop but its looking good so far. Well, for a first big animation.