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Brandon Mostly called hankman though @Hankman26

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Coder of Raps n shit

8th grade, Advanced hallway

Florida, but hey! Its coo

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Hankman26's News

Posted by Hankman26 - 1 day ago

@chalk-outline YOU WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats dude!

So basically his art is my new normal pfp for a while

whats this? people dont know what im talking about? HE WON THE DAMN ART CONTEST I HAVE BEEN DOING FOR THE PAST 5 MONTHS!!!! AND THERE WERE ONLY 5 SUBMISSIONS!!! total sadness moment.

Posted by Hankman26 - 2 weeks ago

yep.. im grounded :(.

cya soon i guess, maybe never. Sorry I haven't been posting art, I have just not been feeling like myself lately.

While im gone, could I pls get more submissions to my art contest. Look at older news for details. ping me when you do it and comment on the news post. ok bye.


Posted by Hankman26 - 3 weeks ago

I lost a fan today... Also is anyone gonna tell me why there are no comments on any of my new art??????????? It makes me sad making new art and feeling like I get no attention :(


Posted by Hankman26 - 1 month ago

iu_458618_9337977.pngI forgot the game but go to @spookeez4evr , follow them, and then look at their favorite games. That will get you to where I made this.

Posted by Hankman26 - 1 month ago

why have you not checked out @spookeez4evr ? Why not!!!??? DO IT NOW!!!!!! DO IT!! They were one of my first scouts. So can someone here please scout them for me? I would if I could. They have had under 10 fans for too long now so hop to it. WHY ARE YOU STILL READING GO!!! Oh wait, look at these stupid yt things iu_457182_9337977.webp

idk why it says recommended for you, prob bc I watch eddsworld and squid game memes.


wtf is this

Posted by Hankman26 - October 14th, 2021

I reached 50 fans!!! Thank you all! It was a slow grow but we are half way to my goal! (100 before new year) We prob won't make it but I used to hope for 20 fans by the end of september lol.



Posted by Hankman26 - October 6th, 2021

Yeah I am back, I was not gonna take a dramatic break, I just needed a break, I was getting addicted and I would check back on my account every 30 seconds eager for attention. It was getting in the way of me focusing, I am still gonna be less active but I am here. I am working on more animations and the mod ( I have no clue what the name should be) currently. In terms of art I am working on history of hankman 4 I think and I am gonna due a bunch of pieces that all have something to do with @sweet-codestudios. It will be similar to @supercs ' EEEEEGGGGGGHHHHHHHZ ok I have no idea how to spell it but you get the gist.

While I was away, I finally beat hellclown in fnf! Ik I am not that good, it was on easy too.

I had a conversation with Ryeyumi!iu_438889_9337977.png See? I also kept getting these adds on youtube: iu_438890_9337977.png

I don't have a problem with the LGBTQ+ community but like, come on, this is stupid.

I think that was it, hopefully the mod will come out February. For those of you who don't know it will have me, @0urcast @InvaderDaniel @Sweet-codeStudios @Supercs ' cousin spider man and @djgreenjes' blackspot. Sorry for the pinging guys. :( . Anyway I am back now 1v1 me in madness roulette I dare you, I am a god at that game. TONIGHT AT 9:30 EASTERN US TIME!


Posted by Hankman26 - September 29th, 2021

I am taking a break from newgrounds. I will still be on for the rest of the day but I will be taking a break from it. I have alot of other things going on so I will focus on that stuff, I just won't be active as much. I need to work on the mod and school. Speaking of the mod, would you guys rather my and @0urcast as the spooky boys of @invaderDaniel and @Sweet-CodeStudios as the spooky boys, vote down below. In other news the art contest for Hankman antipathy is still going on, probably till thanksgiving. It has been a thing for so long i could already choose the winner but I want to see more submissions. Anyways see you all later! <3


Posted by Hankman26 - September 22nd, 2021


Posted by Hankman26 - September 19th, 2021

No intro lets just get into the tagging people @0urcast @8Bit-Seb @BEANS645 @chalk-outline @DevonRex101 @DjGreenJes @ElectricSakura16 @Healmore6969 @hjgj @JashKingMegaCheese @JulioSky @littewolf49 @macrod @MOt7070 @NotNene @parra86rar @prosonicscool2 @Spookeez4evr @SuperCs @Theepicpump @TrueWolfully @Xeazzy0 @ysporquix2 @7henderGames @Azerka @cat911 @DaftPeanut43 @Diamondmanpixel76 @EdwardPlayer @Gabriel1384 @Henry238 @InvaderDaniel @JossueTheMegaCrack @JossueTheMegaCrack @JunoEddleman @livyliv47 @Manuh3 @NoobyGotHit @OwlyIsHere @Primchilla @Rherdalaezian @starnerdunderthesea @Sweet-CodeStudios @ToxicMad @whiteknight2458 @ysporquix . PHEW ok so about the madness day animation. It is not gonna be posted today I know I said that some long time ago but I changed my mind. I will be posting it probably at 12:00 am September 22 (eastern time USA and Canada). Still not gonna say what it is but I am so hyped for Wednesday. In other news @Supercs, @Djgreejes and I are working on an fnf mod together. I am thinking that it will be similar to the vs imposter mod where there are different weeks and different characters. One character will be Cousin spider man created by Ian. One of them will be blackspot created by Jessie. And then I will have a week. Ian will work on the art, Jessie will work on music, and I will do the coding / sprite sheets. Anyways we have a pretty long news here so here is ANOTHER teaser to my madcom animationiu_422377_9337977.webp.

Alright I will see you all in the next one. <3 Oh and here is a link to my beta mod video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QY64NzvOBXU&t=7s